Exercise: think outside the box
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Think a gym membership is your only option for getting regular exercise? Well, think again. Exercising groups that are fun are probably the best way to get (and stay) motivated to get your heart rate up and burn fat. Learn some new creative way to move and start thinking outside the box when it comes to your exercise routine

Researchers recommend getting two and half hours of physical activity during the week to stay healthy. To break it down evenly, that comes to five 30-minute workouts or at least two 1-hour workouts. Heart-pumping workouts also need to be paired with muscle-strengthening.

Regular aerobic exercise is especially important if you struggle with conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure and it helps ward off arthritis as you get older. The benefits really are endless when it comes to your health. And this is all without medication.

While you may have already done the hard part of fitting exercise in your daily schedule, you may find it challenging not to think of exercise like a chore. But that kind of thinking will likely lead to dread, and then, avoiding it all together. You can’t afford that, so consider shaking up your routine with a couple of these ideas below.

Challenges. Scrolling through your Twitter or Instagram you probably have already seen a few friends in a squat challenge or a planking challenge. If not, do a search and you’re bound to find one. There are fitness challenges for just about anything. These are great motivators because they hold you accountable and help to establish a daily routine that you can knock out quick (like 15 minutes or less) without necessarily having to get in your gym clothes, lace up your sneakers, or tie up your hair. Plus, you can usually see some quick results, like in 30 days. Check them out!

Dance! Dance! Dance! Who doesn’t like to dance? Even if you aren’t that good, it’s fun to try and sure beats counting sit-ups or running laps. Trust me, you’ll get the same sore muscles and sweaty shirt that mean a good workout.

There are so many different exercise groups that incorporate dancing or fun moves. A lot of women already know about Zumba. There are also spin classes (riding stationary bikes to a beat) and barre classes.

Still not completely sold on the idea? Think you will look ridiculous? You may. But you will be one of many women in the class who have the same fitness goals in mind. Everyone will be doing the same routine, so the focus won’t be on you. You will have an instructor who is a professional and cares about your success. And you can start at any skill level and see improvements. Just keep at it!

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