Hello to Ever Increasing Faith Cruisers!

I trust you are all doing well and are excited about your upcoming Mediterranean Cruise this Fall on the Odyssey of the Seas.  All systems are go for our visits to Israel, Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey.  For those doing the pre-cruise option, there will be two nights and wonderful sightseeing scheduled in the historical city of Rome.  These sites will bring the Bible to life in a new way – a three-dimensional way after having been to the locations where the Biblical events took place.

It has been our pleasure to assist you during this preparation process.  Upon your arrival in Rome on October 5th, your care will pass from our NTS Home Office staff to our Cruise Hospitality Staff.   It will be their goal to see that your cruise and all the NTS excursions and events are as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Please note as a reminder that the final payment due date is May 9, 2022.  This payment due date is your friend.  By paying on time, it assures you of your place on this exciting travel program and holds the selling price to what is stated on the brochure.

Current protocols for boarding have remained unchanged.  Updated vaccinations are required and masks will be worn on the flights and while onboard the ship in certain areas.  PCR test requirements for boarding the ship are still in place but this could change prior to your departure so we will update you on that later.

There are currently well over 100 passengers registered for this travel program and more are being added.  If you know of others who would like to join, please make sure they know to register NOW so cabin availability will be there for them.  Once we release unused cabins that we currently have reserved after the final payment due date, it will cost significantly more to try to add to the group after May 9th, assuming there will still be cabins available.

We have confirmed second dinner seating for all EIF/NTS guests unless you have requested otherwise.  We intend to have all our dinner tables together. Once onboard the ship, you will find your dinner table assignment in your cabin.  Should you wish to make any changes, please see the maître d’ in the dining room and they will be pleased to assist you.

The Price family is looking forward to being with you for great fellowship, on-location teaching, and a travel bonding experience that has been a Price family tradition for many years.  More information will be coming later, but for now, we wish you all the best on your journey and pray you enjoy all that God has for you as you travel with Christian friends old and new on the Ever Increasing Faith/NTS Lands of the Bible Cruise!

Your friends at NTS