The Summer doldrums. Summer is Summer, but what are doldrums? says doldrums aren't drums that you can play like the tom-toms: rather people use this noun to describe a period that is boring, depressing, or characterized by inactivity.

Unfortunately, this phrase can also be attributed to ministries. Summertime is one of the worst times for ministries because people have been on vacation, some for weeks at a time. That's good for people, you deserve time off with your families.

Unfortunately, some are not considering the ongoing support ministries need to maintain their ministry. One-time gifts are much appreciated, but it's the regular, consistent giving that pays the bills as they come. But, with the end of Summer, it is usually a financial desert out there.

The good news is not only can you make a difference, you can make an additional difference by making up for the Summer shortfall by considering a special offering.

For us to do what we do to spread God's Word around the world, we need your financial support. We don't need your funds for ourselves, but for the ongoing expenses related to getting the message of Faith, Prosperity, Health, Prayer and the Holy Spirit to people who either don't know that this is God's will for them today or they may need a reminder.

People have said that I repeat a lot. That's because just because we hear a message one time, doesn't mean we get it and never need to hear it again. After over 60 years in the ministry, I know that people don't get it the first time. We may need to hear it again on a CD, DVD, a download or even streamed online or on TV. That's why advertisers run the same commercials repeatedly, on different venues. They know we just don't get it the first time around and need a reminder.

So, I'm reminding you, we need your financial support to keep Ever Increasing Faith on the air and online. Won't you help break the Summer doldrums with your special gift today?

As part of the Ever Increasing Faith family, your prayers and financial support connects you to our ministry to teach the Word of Faith to people around the world. Every day you reach people through the printed page, the internet and television.

Betty and I thank you again and again for your support. Can we count on you, especially this month as we come out of the summer months, by giving an extra love gift? God has given us a big vision and we can't do it without you. Whether you give $25, $100, or $500, you are making a difference to people around the world.

Betty and I appreciate your support very much. It means so much to know that you are helping us carry the message of faith to every corner of the earth. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

In the Service of the King,

Apostle Frederick K. C. Price

PS: Thank you again for your prayers and financial support. Only eternity will tell you how many lives you have changed. You are making it happen!