Melaina Williams
Melaina Williams: the voice

By Stanley O. Williford
Director of Publications

That heavenly voice that so easily transports Sunday worshipers away during services most often belongs to Melaina Williams.  As she should, she uses it as an instrument to glorify God. When she ministers with the Crenshaw Christian Center Praise Team, a sense of reverence fills the FaithDome.

Some worshipers lift their hands in praise, some shed tears and some express joy. Others simply delight in the voice.

Melaina is a daughter of the ministry, having gone from nursery school at Crenshaw to graduation from Price High in 2002, although she didn’t start high school at Price until the eleventh grade. Her parents, both longtime members, have served in ministry at Crenshaw.  Her dad, Malcolm Trotter, now an evangelist, started years ago in children’s ministry and both he and her mother, Elaine, have served in ADAP (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program).

Melaina, as one might expect, has Crenshaw Christian Center in her blood.

“It’s really a blessing to serve in music ministry and praise and worship,” she said. “It has allowed me to mature even further in my walk with God, and in my understanding of faith. The Word that we’ve been taught here is priceless when you exercise it. I thank God that I learned it at a young age.”

Melaina is a graduate of the University of Southern California, or USC, but she did not major in music in college, as one might guess.  Instead, she holds a degree in creative writing with a minor in theater. But that voice goes wherever she goes, so she did sing there.

“I was in the Saved by Grace Gospel Choir,” she said. Along with singing, she was the student chaplain for the group. She sang solos and, on occasion, directed the choir. She graduated in 2006.

At USC is also where she met her husband, James Williams, to whom she has been married almost seven years. James works in real estate.

Melaina has written and published a book of poems, and she has written a stage play, which she is now seeking to produce. She also writes songs and sings at weddings and other events and venues. And she has done background vocals for other artists. 

She is employed at the Price schools as its admissions and recruitment coordinator.

“I work with families, giving them tours and information about the school. I manage the enrollment process for new parents,” she said.  She has held that position for almost four years.

The school was not her first area of employment at Crenshaw. That started in her teen years.

“My first job was in tape duplication on a summer program when I was about 15,” she said. “That meant a lot to me. I was doing something. I also worked in the mailroom during the time that Apostle Price was teaching Race, Religion & Racism.”

On the Praise Team, Melaina is worship leader and assistant to Jimmy Rodgers, director of worship arts.

“Melaina is special,” says Jimmy. “She’s an amazing human being that lives through praise and worship. She’s definitely gifted at everything she does.”

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