Living in the Realm of the Spirit

By Stanley O. Williford
Director of Publications

In his book, Living in the Realm of the Spirit, Apostle Frederick K.C. Price wrote this about the early years of his ministry:

“I was dissatisfied. My own life was a wreck, an absolute shambles. Then someone gave me a copy of Kathryn Kuhlman’s book, I Believe in Miracles.” At that point, I knew that the signs and wonders” (that he had read about in the Book of Acts) “were a reality.”

In 1970, he received the infilling of the Holy Spirit. That, coupled the understanding he received from books by Kenneth Hagin relating to how to harness the power of the Spirit to his life, transformed his ministry.     

Before that change, he admits, he was ready to give up the ministry “because there was no power in me.”

Is it any wonder that after these two occurrences Apostle Price went on to establish one of the fastest-growing churches in the nation in the 1980s and, with the construction of the 10,000-seat FaithDome, build one of the nation’s largest sanctuaries?

Even more remarkable is the fact that the FaithDome, one of the finest facilities of its type, is situated on 30 acres in heart of the so-called ghetto in South Central Los Angeles.

Is it any wonder that his Ever Increasing Faith television program became one of the most successful so-called religious programs?

And is it any wonder that Apostle Price was called by many the Godfather of Faith?

“I believe in the signs and wonders, and they are manifested in my ministry as the Spirit of God directs and as He wills,” he wrote.  He explained that those signs and wonders are at once “the tools of the trade for the ministry” but also a method of advertisement “so the world will know the reality and the power of Almighty God.”

As important as signs and wonders are, he pointed out, they “are one side of the coin. Faith is the other side. Both of them move you into the realm of the spirit.”

In Chapter 2, Apostle Price launches into the subject of time as it is associated with faith. He concludes that “faith is present tense. If it is not present tense, it is not faith!”

What does that mean? He explains:

“Whenever you say, ‘I know God is going to do something,’ you are not in faith . . . . Most people do not realize it, but when they say God is going to do something, they are saying that He has not done it. . . . God cannot get in agreement with you, because you are not in agreement with Him.”

Here’s an important example of what this means concerning healing:

“First Peter 2:24 says, by whose stripes ye were healed. It does not say you will be healed. It says you were healed. If you were healed, then you are healed right now; it is already done. You cannot receive the healing for yourself on your own faith until you realize that you have to receive it in the now. You cannot say that you know the Lord is going to heal you. You can die making that confession, because that is future tense, and faith is present tense.”   

 In chapter 3, we learn that “faith comes by hearing the Word of God, so the Word and faith go hand in hand.  You cannot have one without the other.  If you have the Word of God, then you have faith present. If you have faith present, then you have the Word of God, because the proclaiming of the Word of God causes faith to come.”

Living in the Realm of the Spirit makes easy reading, but don’t take it lightly.  There are heavy thoughts in this slim volume, so it will behoove you to read it several times to get those truths down into your spirit. This book is well worth the $7.00 you’ll spend to purchase it.
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