Don’t let bad eating habits steal your health
By Apostle Frederick K.C. Price

There is nothing good about being sick. Sickness and disease are a part of the curse that comes because of breaking the laws of God. You can break laws and not realize it, but you are still going to pay.

You can walk off the top of a 12-story building and not know that there is such a thing as the law of gravity, but when your feet leave the top of that building, you are coming down whether you know there is a law or not. The good thing is that once you find out about the laws of God – or almost any law for that matter – and learn how to cooperate with that law, then the law can work on your behalf and not against you.

I love life, and I am learning to love it more and more because I am finding out day by day through the Word how to prolong my life, and prolong it in good health so that I can have a healthy body and a healthy, strong mind to give in service to the Lord.

I cannot give Him service if I am dead, but I can if I am alive.

You must do other things beside praying to enhance your life. Please do not get me wrong; praying is good. But you also must learn to take care of your body. In America, we have a miserable way of living. It is a wonder that many of us live as long as we do. Almost everything in our society is geared toward self-destruction, toward helping the devil to kill you. In fact, he has been the instigator all along.
Americans’ eating habits are abominable, absolutely atrocious. So-called fast food is the worst thing that ever happened to America. You may as well buy some arsenic and eat it. Fast food is killing people. It is death, and billions of dollars are being made on death. Billions!

Much of what we are doing to our bodies is out of ignorance, but the effect is still the same – sickness, disease, destruction, death.

My wife and I did not understand how bad our eating habits were. We were ignorant on matters of proper eating and the importance of regular and proper bodily elimination. Hosea 4:6 says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

When the doctor told me that my wife had cancer, I was shocked. It wasn't shocking because I thought we were too good and that it couldn't happen to us. I was shocked because I know the morality of the woman. I had lived with her for more than 40 years at that point. I knew our stand of faith. I knew the Word of God that was in our family. I could see no reason for that kind of illness. I could see no place, no reason, either morally or spiritually, as to how the enemy could have an opportunity to come in. We never thought her eating habits could have played a part in the illness. We did not understand about the food part. We thought we were doing what was normal, what was natural. We have always eaten a certain way, and we were killing ourselves by degrees without realizing it.

Because of the fortitude of some people's bodies, they can tolerate the bad eating a little longer than others. Others succumb to it more quickly, but most Americans are killing themselves by the way they eat.

There are too many overweight people in America. They are fat and out of shape. Nobody really teaches us how to eat. Even the doctors in medical school are taught little about proper dietary habits, so the average person is left to do whatever he or she thinks is right. Generally, people eat whatever tastes good, without taking into consideration what it is going to do to their bodies,  whether positive or negative.

My wife and I found out how to eat. The way my wife was eating, it is a wonder she lived as long as she did. The way you eat is going to affect the way your body functions or operates. When your body malfunctions there is a price to pay, and it is usually progressive. But we did not know that at the time.

Ignorance Is No Excuse

I could not figure it out. That was what was shocking, not that we were too good to be attacked. But I did not believe that the devil could get to us with something as devastating as cancer. He used major artillery. It was like ICBM missiles; it was not a firecracker. And I had no answers at the time as to the cause of the heavy attack against my wife.

I did not realize that the illness was related to what she was doing to her body. But ignorance is no excuse. People still die because of ignorance, which is the perfect opportunity for the enemy to take advantage of you.

We have a society full of overweight people. And many of the ones who are not overweight simply have a greater ability to withstand physical attack. They do a lot of exercising to keep their weight down, but they are still putting toxins in their bodies and killing themselves without even realizing it. And the devil is taking advantage of it to destroy us.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20:
Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?

For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's.

You not only have to live right morally, but you have to also take care of the temple. All some people do is stuff their faces, putting as much as they can into their mouths. And don't tell anyone you don't know why you keep getting fat. The only reason you are overweight is because of your eating habits. It is an absolute, historical, scientific fact that if you stop eating, you are going to lose weight. There is no way in the world you are going to gain weight if you stop eating. It is absolutely impossible.

If you stop eating, you are going to lose weight automatically. In fact, you will keep losing weight until you die if you discontinue eating. Your body will consume itself. It is going to eat something -- either what you put into it, or it is going to feed on itself. That is why people lose weight.

I am not fat, but my eating habits were still atrocious. So when I found out what I was doing to myself, I said, "Lord, I repent. Thank you, Jesus, for getting this information to me."

You can make all the confessions that you want to, but if you are not doing what you should, those confessions do not matter. If you are breaking certain spiritual laws or dietary laws, you are going to reap the results. People still die, even though they make the right confessions. My wife and I were making all the right confessions, but we were not knowledgeable in some important areas, such as eating. We never gave a thought to the dietary area as the causative factor. We were thinking the attack was purely a spiritual matter and had nothing to do with what we did physically. But we were wrong. Hallelujah! and praise the Lord that now we know and have begun making the necessary changes.

Too many people are overweight and putting undue stress on the temple. Others don't look fat but are still fat. The only reason it doesn't show up is because you are jogging and exercising, but you are still stuffing yourself in the same way you always have. And if you ever stop exercising and jogging, you are going to blow up like a blimp. We're going to call you the "Not-So-Goodyear Blimp!"

Many in the congregation are overweight. Everywhere I look, I see Shamu (the whale), Shamu's sister, Shamu's cousin – even Shamu's dog! Even though it's not really a laughing matter, we laugh a little about it because some people couldn't handle it if we didn't laugh about it.

You can get upset if you want, but somebody has to talk about it. If you're too fat, you’re too fat!

Some people are praying that the Lord will take away the arthritis. But if you have 10 tons of blubber hanging on your skeleton, you are bound to have arthritis; your joints can't handle all that weight. You might as well forget praying. There is no point in you trying to believe God for divine health. You are not going to have it, not the way you're abusing your body. It's impossible. And it's just a matter of time before sickness shows up.

Take Control of Yourself Now!
You should take control of yourself now. Don't eat yourself to death. Don't continue abusing the temple of God with bad habits that will eventually cause your death. When I die, I want to leave in good health, not all crippled up and overweight because of disobedience or ignoring the laws of God. I want to leave here in the manner Jacob did:

Genesis 49:33:
And when Jacob had finished commanding his sons, he drew his feet up into the bed and breathed his last, and was gathered to his people.

That's the way I want to die. I want to have all my kids come around me, my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren. I'll pronounce a blessing on each one of them. Then after I finish pronouncing my blessing on them, I'm going to say, "I'm out of here! Loose me and let me go!" And I'm going to go on to glory. Just like that! I’ll leave this old body sitting right there in the chair, and I'm out of here.

I know exactly what the devil is saying to some people. "Suppose that doesn't work?"

What difference does that make? I'm going to die anyway. I would rather go out of here believing something positive than to say, "Oh my God, I'm going to die in about two and a half years; what am I going to do?" Oh, no! I have to have at least what Jacob had. I have a better covenant. The Bible says we have a better covenant established upon better promises. Don't die before your time. Quit eating yourself to death.

Everywhere I look, I see overweight people. I see people with little legs like a chicken, and big, fat arms – fat hanging under the arms. That's toxic waste! All that big, fat, double chin. There is nothing funny about it. It's death, and part of the curse, so you had better do something about it.

If all the skinny ones could see into the spirit, I believe we would see fat on them, too, because some eat just as much as the others, but it doesn't show up on them. In other words, their toxic waste is not as blatantly obvious.

We have to do something to help people learn how to eat. Diets do not work. You should know that because if they did, you wouldn't have to have 25,000 different ones. One would be enough. There has to be a way one can lose weight naturally. And not only lose it+ but maintain an ideal trim figure. Thank God there is. The key is curbing your appetite and eating live, natural, nutritious foods. You will feel better, look better, and be able to do better. Amen.

God did not create you to die. He created you to live. And you can live better and longer and be more effective with your life when you start changing some of your bad eating habits.
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