Race, Religion & Racism replay

By Stanley O. Williford
Director of Publications

You hear the hype all the time. Blank Blank’s books are flying off the shelves, and you wonder if it is true since none of the books have flown by you.

For Apostle Frederick K. Price’s Race, Religion & Racism book series, it is true.

The Race, Religion & Racism series was taught over the Ever Increasing Faith Television broadcast for seventy-six weeks during the period from late 1997 until early 1999, and the re-broadcast has been running recently on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and, more recently, on Sundays at 6 p.m. on YouTube. Book sales have ramped up considerably.

The series has also gotten a huge bounce from the Black Lives Matter protests around the nation. Sales have jumped for the CDs, the DVDs and the books, which are mostly paperbacks. Most of the hardbacks sold long ago and only a few remain. They are not being reprinted.

Sales are expected to jump even more when schools reopen, especially high schools and colleges.

The Race, Religion & Racism books come in three volumes.

Volume One is subtitled A Bold Encounter with Division in the Church. It lays much of the problems with racism at the feet of the church in America.

“The church is supposed to be the salt of the earth,” Apostle Price writes on page 14. “The church is supposed to be the light of the world. Jesus said, we are “the salt of the earth;” He said, we are “the light of the world . . . .”  But, he wrote, “the church is just a racist as the secular arena.”

In that first volume, Apostle Price shared that his earliest initiation into the Gospel had been “twisted and distorted” when a White minister told him that God meant for the races to be separated. 

“How many generations of Blacks have believed that they are cursed and inferior to the rest because of the so-called curse of Ham, a corrupted teaching of the Bible that has been traditionally propounded by certain Christians?” he asks.

Here are two paragraphs from Chapter 3 of Volume One that are crucial to the understanding of the problem:

“It all started when the preachers got into league with the slave owners, and the Church sanctioned slavery. That is the reason slavery could exist – because the Church gave its approval for slave owners to practice slavery and call themselves Christians. That is a major reason why people of color have called Christianity the slave owners’ or the white man’s religion and have wanted nothing to do with it.”

“There were of course genuine Christians who spoke out against slavery.  But slavery persisted in America for 246 years, because the Church as a whole never committed itself to a positive program to end it.”

Race, Religion & Racism, Volume 2, is subtitled Perverting the Gospel to Subjugate a People, and in it he continued to lay much of the blame for racism at the door of the church. Volume 2 begins with these words:

“Religion has been the most flagrant perpetrator of racism in the world, and the Christian Church in America has been the leading perpetrator.”

 “At first glance, to people who know God, this may seem paradoxical,” Apostle Price wrote. “How can religion, which we associate with the Word of God, be a perpetrator of something evil like racism? The answer is that religion is not necessarily the Word of God, and that has been the problem.

“People inject their personal ideas into religion, and with their personal ideas come their personal prejudices.”

 “ . . . So when I say that religion has been the most flagrant perpetrator of racism in the world, and that the Christian Church in America has been the leading perpetrator, I’m not talking about the enlightened Word of God. I’m talking about how men have distorted the Word of God to foster their own racist attitudes, beliefs and practices.” 

Apostle Price observed that “Christianity has gotten a bad name around the world with people of color.”

These are not small books. They measure 6 by 9 inches, and average well over 300 pages each.

The largest book is Volume 3, which is subtitled Jesus, Christianity & Islam. In this volume he juxtaposes Christianity with Islam.

Here is a tiny portion from that largest volume:

In the first chapter, titled The True Message to the Black Man and Woman, Apostle Price pointed to the disaffection some black Americans have with Christianity and its racist past, which seems to have been the driving force behind the growth of Islam in the U.S., especially as it regards the Nation of Islam.

Many in the Nation of Islam seem to believe that the god of the Christians and the god of Islam are one and the same but “under a different name,” he wrote. But Apostle Price suggested logically that if Christians and Muslims worship the same god then the god of both should say the same thing. That doesn’t happen. In fact, they say radically different things.

He reminded the reader that the Bible is “the first source,” having come long before both Islam and Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, and he noted that “If anything that Muhammad says doesn’t fit the Bible, then we have to reject it.  We know that God is not the author of confusion, and if Jehovah of the Bible is the same person as Allah of Islam, then the Bible and the Koran would have to say the same thing.”

 Apostle Price quoted Acts 4:12 of the Bible, which says:

“Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name [i.e. other than Jesus Christ] under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

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