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Lands of the Bible Cruise 2022

Join Pastor Fred and Mrs. Angel Price on a cruise from Rome to the Holy Land. We’re looking ahead to the month of October when it will be better to travel . . . and take in Rome, Athens, Corinth, the Greek Isles, Ephesus, and more before arriving in the Holy Land. We believe COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted and the pandemic should far enough behind us to cruise safely. Pastor Price also believes our new normal may still require precautions like masks and social distancing. Get a glimpse and more information at Just click “Lands of the Bible 2022 Cruise” and start planning!

Supernatural Wonders: Heavenly Heavyweights

Biblically speaking, thrones are living symbols of God’s justice and authority. Like all classes of heavenly creatures formed from the beginning, they were created for Christ’s righteous service. I believe that by the time Lucifer fell, his influence as already widespread. Why else would a full third of these guys give him their allegiance? I propose that thrones were among those that did. My belief is based in part on Ephesians 6:12. With or without the word hosts, the verse suggests an army of evil entities consisting of more than angels and demons.

The world behind the world we see is real. The English word translated "thrones" in Colossians 1:16 comes from the Greek word thronos, meaning "a stately seat . . . power or . . . potentate."  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary concurs, stating that a throne is not only a position of power, but also "the one who occupies a throne, or is invested with sovereign authority. Webster’s adds that thrones are “a high order of angels in the celestial hierarchy." 

Yes, the dictionary says this! The point is that whether in God’s service or Satan’s, thrones influence those who occupy worldly seats of power

Excerpted from the book Behind the Seen by Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr. 

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