Raquel and Cheryl Price
Raquel Watts: It’s all in the family

By Stanley O. Williford
Director of Publications

Since the age of ten Raquel Watts has been among the most active members at CCC. She started young, immediately joining the King’s Kids Choir and then becoming a Lovette, or a junior hostess. And during her high school years she sang in the Sounds of Faith choir.

From the age of 14 to about age 19 she was an intercessory prayer leader. At about 20, she led the Singles Fellowship as president, and at about age 28 she took over as Women’s Fellowship president. She served in that role for 13 years.

Wherever she was needed, she was available.

Today, with all the various fellowships – men, women, singles, marriage and young adults – all bundled into what is called the Family Network, she assists Cheryl Price in leading the group.

Her involvement in Crenshaw over thirty-nine years mirrors that of her dad, Quincy Watts, who arrived at CCC forty-one years ago. [Quincy was interviewed in the November 2018 issue of the newsletter.] Among the many positions he has held are usher, lead counselor, intercessory prayer leader and security. In fact, he now heads security as manager. Usually, when you see Apostle and Dr. Betty, Quincy accompanies them. He travels most places with them, whether around town, in the country or out of the country.

And, like her father, Raquel is very close to the Price family.

“I grew up in the church,” she says. “My dad has been in a leadership role with the family for many years. We were exposed to the family on a frequent basis and as a result became more intimate with them than the average parishioner.

“Cheryl and I are like sisters. When I was young, Cheryl took a special interest in me among several other young people, and we developed a bond. She was a role model for me.  During my college years, I baby-sat her children, Nicole and Allen. After her divorce, we enjoyed our relationship as single ladies. Our closeness centers not only on our history, but our love for God’s women, our similar giftings in public speaking, our love of travel and social activities. She is one of my best friends. We always have felt like we were family.”

Raquel holds a double degree from the University of Southern California (USC), having majored in both public administration and communications. She also studied law for two years at the University of LaVerne School of Law and she holds a doctorate in biblical studies from Friends University.

Since 2015, she has worked as a senior litigation specialist for the Mitchell Law Corporation. Prior to that she worked in the in-house law firms at AT&T, AIG and Fremont Insurance.

As she specializes in workers’ compensation, her greatest contribution in the field is to aid those who are either unfortunate or unknowledgeable and who could be taken advantage of by the system. 

Raquel spends a lot of time in court dealing with workers’ compensation issues.

Raquel is twenty-one years older than her sister, Charity, who also has been very active at CCC, especially as a leader among the young adults. Because their dad was often away traveling with Apostle and Dr. Betty Price, Raquel served as both sister and mom to her sister.  The two have an extremely close bond, and Charity affectionately calls Raquel her smomma (sister-momma).

Having dedicated so much of her life to the things of God, Raquel says that among other things, she is hoping to have her own family, and that God will use her in the next season of her life in a special way to bless his people.

Cheryl Price is, as usual, in agreement with her good friend.

“I think Raquel is one of the most amazing and real Christians that I know,” she says. “Her commitment to her church, her family and friends is unparalleled. She’s awesome. I gain a lot of strength and value from our relationship. She’s dedicated and loyal. If we had one Raquel for every hundred members, the church would be so strong.”

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