Letter from the CEO

Dear CCC Members,

We sure miss being able to hug and kiss you.  Pastor loves and misses you all, but he is expressing that love by getting up every Sunday morning and on Tuesdays to deliver amazing, life-giving, word-filled messages while most of us are in our fuzzy slippers and sipping our coffee.  We all know this, too, will pass because we know the Word.  Thank God for the foundation that Apostle Frederick K. C. Price laid for us, and that Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr. is continuing to build upon.  The fruit has not fallen far from the tree.  Speaking of the Apostle, he and Dr. Betty, are safely sheltered in place in accordance with the executive orders from our governor and mayor.  Both are doing well.

We hope you have enjoyed the use of the offering envelopes that Pastor sent to those of you who have not yet migrated to the use of technology.  However, since on so many levels, this pandemic is causing a number of paradigm shifts, many of our members have begun to utilize technology for their giving and are loving it.

The Ministry’s operations have been scaled down to meet the “essential” requirement set forth by the authorities. Therefore, we have a skeleton crew keeping things in motion.  Those departments and employees who have continued to report to work regularly throughout this ordeal are heroes in my eyes.  God has continued to bless the Ministry in famine and our meal barrel is sufficiently full.  A big thank-you to all of you who have continued to sow during this unprecedented time in our history.  We absolutely agree with you for the corresponding return on your seed sown.

As you may have heard, CCC, was one of the first four testing sites to open in the City of Los Angeles.  Although the sites are run and governed entirely by the City, the spirit of excellence on our Ministry is exemplified through the City staff (Fire Department, Police Department, et al). This staff takes pardonable pride in our site’s operation.  We are very proud of this fact.  The Mayor even chose to hold one of his daily briefings at the Ministry a couple of weeks ago. We have also been hosting blood drives in conjunction with the American Red Cross.  If you are healthy and able to donate, please sign up.

In hearing of the governor’s four-phase reopening plan, “in-person religious” gatherings are included in Phase 3.  We pray that this process moves along rapidly, for the sake of our country, our economy and all of us being able to return to a state of normalcy.  However, Pastor Price is determined to obey those in authority.  Therefore, until that time, we will continue to minister to you online as we have been. 

Please continue to keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours.  We love you and pray that you and yours are enjoying divine provision and safety. Psalm 91.

In His Service,
Angela M. Evans
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