Stephanie shares third book

By Stanley O. Williford
Director of Publications

Stephanie Price Buchanan, third daughter of Apostle Frederick K.C. and Dr. Betty R. Price, is the senior vice president at Crenshaw Christian Center, a wife and a mother of two school-age children and one recent college graduate. 

She is also a dedicated writer who weaves delightful stories about African-American love and life. Her first book, Getting to the Hart of It: A Complicated Romance, offers readers two handsome people who are destined to get together, both with sons of about 10 years of age.

It is the couple’s native attraction plus their sons’ immediate friendship that helps get the romance off to a smooth start. On the other hand, the couple’s exes cause all kinds of trouble trying to complicate the budding love affair in hopes that it does not blossom.

Stephanie’s second book, All About Mia, features another attractive well-off lady married to a successful attorney. But he lives a double life, leaving her on an island of loneliness to raise their two kids.  But a school chum from her past shows up and her life begins to look merrier.           

Now comes Stephanie’s latest work, titled At the Hart of It All, which may be her best work yet. But one might also say that about either the first or second book.

Stephanie and her latest book were the subjects of the August Women Who Care virtual get-together, the third such meeting the ladies of CCC have had this year.

As always, there in support were the author’s mom, Dr. Betty, and her sister-in-law, First Lady Angel Price, along with the Women Who Care Team. In these pandemic times, the virtual meetings are a socially distanced way to uplift, encourage, support and minister to the ladies.

Stephanie was interviewed by her older sister, Cheryl Ann Price, who introduced her and asked her to tell the viewer-listeners what the new book, At the Hart of It All, is about. Stephanie began by sharing how at the end of her first book, Getting to the Hart of It: A Complicated Romance, she had cleverly left her readers on a cliff, wondering does this beautiful couple get married or not?  Well the wondering ends in this third book, she revealed, when the two are joined in holy matrimony. But getting to that point is both fun and exciting. At the Hart of It All also explores the couple’s new life and some of their ups and downs as a married couple with a blended family. In fact, most of the lead characters in book one are brought back in book three, pulled there to see Josh and Alicia, two people they love, joined together in marriage.

Cheryl let the viewer-listeners know that she was the inspiration for the character Trina, one of Alicia’s sisters, in each of the books. She then had Stephanie read a passage from Chapter 4 of At the Hart of It All.

Cheryl also explained her somewhat quirky habit of talking to or fussing out loud at the characters as she reads “because that’s what the stories make her do.”     

“Stephanie’s writing makes you feel really engrossed and invested,” she told the group, and   she noted that the book delves into serious women’s issues, such as stress, anxiety and motherhood. Stephanie read from Chapter 13, which touched on some of those issues, letting the viewer-listeners know the book takes a serious slant in regard to Alicia. 

After thanking Stephanie for speaking about her work, Cheryl offered to bless ten ladies with a copy of At the Hart of It All. Stephanie also proudly revealed that the cover to her latest book was created by her son Tyler, who received his degree in Studio Arts/Graphic Design from Loyola Marymount University in the quarantined class of 2020.  She closed out the meeting by saying that speaking to the ladies at Women Who Care is one of her favorite places to share her books and thanked everyone for their support of her novels thus far.

All three novels are available in Kindle format or paperback format on

As Stephanie’s segment came to an end, Dr. Betty prayed for those who were dealing with family who needed prayer for healing of Covid-19, as well as those who lost jobs/wages during the pandemic. 

The fashion theme of this Summer Edition of Women Who Care was Show Off Your Summer Style with Sundresses, Hats and Shades, so lots of ladies were blessed with gift cards for a variety of contests and trivia that have to do with summer fashion and fun. There were also testimonies of overcoming in this time of Covid-19, and those ladies were also blessed with gift cards.

Women Who Care is part of the Women’s Ministry of Crenshaw Christian Center. It exists to be a blessing to members of the ministry, as well as those online across the country. 

Please join Women Who Care for the next meeting on Sunday, September 27, when New York Times best-selling author Kimberla Lawson Roby will be the special guest.

Detailed information to follow soon.

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