Dear Friend, 

It’s that time of year again. A time where I write and reflect on the passing year and preparing for a new one. 2022 has been quite a ride, good for some, not so good for others. How was your year? Mine was great. I’m still alive, I’m healthy, my family is healthy, we have much to be thankful for. 2022 didn’t pass without its challenges, though.

It’s hard to believe that we had yet another year of dealing with all things Covid and then some. You would’ve thought it’d be over by now. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I still hear of people who are having to deal with this dreaded disease, including my wife Angel and me. But we did it in a spectacular way, we traveled to the other side of the world on a cruise ship to get the virus and had to isolate in Italy for days before we were clear to travel home.

After contracting the virus, you look back at what you could have done differently to prevent the malady, but it’s difficult. We are constantly bombarded with humanity all in our space and if we haven’t sufficiently protected ourselves, we’re subject to contracting the disease and we did.

But that doesn’t define our or the ministry’s entire year of 2022. In an effort to reduce the instance of virus contamination, we closed the FaithDome to live services until March, 2022. Many churches chose another tactic due to the possibility of lost revenue. To me, your health and safety was more important than the financial stability of the ministry. So, while you were at home in your pajamas and fuzzy slippers, I got up every Sunday and Tuesday and went to church and I taught our Media and Music staff and broadcast our services on TV and online.
As a result, Our Heavenly Father blessed us with income from you, sufficient to maintain the ministry during this trying time. So, as of the end of the year, it was reported in our annual business meeting, facilitated by our CPA firm, that the ministry is on solid ground with enough revenue to do what we need to do and still have some for missionary support. Thank God for evermore.

Since many of you no longer have CD and DVD players, we’re considering offering portable USB drives and electronic downloads for your convenience. Many of you were once relegated to using the paper envelopes for your financial support. Now you’ve discovered the ease with which you can give electronically, online or on your cell phone via Text to Give. You are using these methods and you are still helping to make it happen.

In 2023, we will continue to innovate the ministry as Crenshaw Christian Center Church of Los Angeles County celebrates its 50th year in ministry. Can you imagine, Dad started this ministry in 1973 and it’s still going today, thanks to every one of you. With your support, I will continue to do my part to expand his legacy and take this ministry to higher heights. Will you join me?

Would you please prayerfully consider sending a special year end gift to help us prepare for another great year of ministry? God has done great things through Ever Increasing Faith Ministries and we are confidently expecting even greater things to come in 2023.

Not often in a person’s lifetime is there an opportunity to do something special --something of lasting value. Your love gift today is an eternal investment in the lives of others and a seed sown into very fertile ground that will produce a wonderful harvest. Please be as generous as you can when you give.

In the Service of the King,
Pastor Fred Price, Jr.

PS: Our Heavenly Father knows each step of the path we will take in 2023 and we can fully trust Him. My wife and I appreciate your faithfulness, friendship and financial support so very much. Knowing you are standing with us in this work is truly a blessing and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
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