As long as I can remember, each new year is described as a year of new beginnings. As much as it sounds like cliché, it remains somewhat true. You can experience a new beginning any day of the year, not necessarily at the beginning of the year. My sister begins a new diet or eating program every Monday, or so it seems. She’s trying to set a goal for herself, that Monday is the first day of the rest of her life. I ain’t mad at her, we’ve got to start somewhere. So, you go, sis.

What about you? What about me? We’ve all got to start somewhere and the first of the year is as good as any to make it your year of new beginnings. Do you have a new year’s resolution? What is it you want to accomplish and by when? Yes, you’ve always got to add a deadline; that then becomes your target. Without a deadline, how will you know if you hit your target?
One of the foundational teachings of Ever Increasing Faith Ministries is the subject of Prayer. Seems simple enough, almost everyone does it, from time to time. Why is it such a big deal? Well, would you pray if you knew your prayer didn’t leave the room you were in when you prayed? We want to know that our prayers are going to the right Being, are well received and with an expectation of getting the prayer answered, soon.

God wants a relationship with His children and prayer is a means of communicating with Our Heavenly Father. Prayer, combined with faith in the Word of God, is a channel through which His power can be released to meet our needs, allowing Him to get involved in the circumstances of our lives.

When we pray, we should expect to get answers. Prayer is not a roulette game where you take as great a chance of losing as you do of hitting the jackpot. Every time we go before God in prayer, we win (we get an answer) if we are praying correctly.

Prayer & How to Do It
Most people have not been taught how to pray correctly. They believe they can say anything in any way and it will function as prayer. This is not so. For many years, my father, Apostle Fred Price, taught us that there is a real lack of understanding of how prayer operates and because of this God continues to be accused of things He has nothing to do with.

There are different kinds of prayer for different circumstances and each kind of prayer has its own spiritual rules that govern it.

The Prayer of Faith
Mark 11:24 is the Scripture that governs the Prayer of Faith. Apostle Price has taught us that this prayer is a petition to God for you. “Therefore, I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Jesus did not say that you would receive something that resembled what you prayed for. No! He said you would get whatever you ask.

A Formula for Answered Prayer
Part of the formula for answered prayer is deciding what you want and then find Scripture that promises what you want. When you pray you must believe that you received it. As Christians, we can expect to receive the promises of God if we pray according to God’s Word.

Answered Prayer Guaranteed
Too often Christians pray in doubt and unbelief or simply speak the wrong type of prayer. Many Believers struggle with their commitment to pray and wrestle with things like “the proper prayer attitude” or posture. Apostle Price taught us all that you must have an attitude of expectancy - faith - if you expect to receive anything from God.

I guarantee you, if you follow the biblically based formats outlined in these teachings, you will gain the assurance that God hears and answers your prayers. Our Heavenly Father responds to faith. Therefore, it is critical for us to understand how to pray in faith and not in doubt, ignorance or presumption.

Here, at Ever Increasing Faith Ministries, much has been taught about prayer. A sampling of various teachings on the subject, Prayer, can be found by clicking and enter prayer in the search engine. You can then see; just how much is said about this little-known subject.

Your prayers and financial support of this ministry are a wonderful blessing, and we appreciate your willingness to stand with us in the work. Your gift today allows us to continue to minister the truth, not only to the world but to you as well.

When you send your love gift, I will send you my teaching on The Prayer of Faith, pearls of revelation that God gave to me and that I shared with our cruisers on our 2018 Bermuda and Caribbean Cruise.

Thank you for being part of the Ever Increasing Faith Ministries family. You are truly touching our world with the Gospel through your support of this outreach ministry.

In His Service,
Pastor Fred Price, Jr.

PS: The child of God who does not pray will miss out on so much that God has in store for their life. I encourage you today to become a person of prayer— in particular, one who earnestly prays in faith for our nation. That person should truly claim and receive what God has promised to him. Can we count on your love gift today? Remember - what you give is between you and the Lord.
The Prayer of Faith
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