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Black people must be something special. It seems no matter where you go in the world, black people are an enigma. What is it about black skin that seems to drive the world crazy? Is it Hollywood’s portrayal of blacks as uncivilized savages or is it just that as a group they are so very different from those who are not black? I’ve been taught before that black is not that different. What is different is for two pale, blonde people to produce a black child or for two black people to produce a pale, blond child. That alone tells you that in the beginning, man couldn’t have been either, but a mid-color mix whose DNA could produce offspring that were either black or pale white.

In the Price family, as in many black families, our siblings, aunts and uncles are of varying shades of black, all in one family. Dad and Mom were light skinned blacks, yet they produced a variety of children in different skin colors. Angela is light, but not as light as Mom and Dad. Cheryl, on the other hand, is darker than Angela and Stephanie, is dark chocolate all the way. Then, years later here I come, lighter than them all, yet we all have the same mother and father. No wonder the world is having a fit, trying to identify us, especially Americans. Americans have a nickname for just about anything and anyone. Such names can be from humorous to degrading, depending on what they’re trying to convey.

Due also in part to the Southern drawl, a word that was meant for good - negroes - was lazily pronounced nigras which turned into something downright ugly. This new word, aka the “N” word, upset blacks which made racists say it even more and here we are, over a hundred years later still name calling. It’s interesting that blacks can be found all over the globe, with pretty much the same response from non-blacks. There are black Mexicans in Mexico, Pacific Islanders (Aboriginal people) in Australia and have you seen the statues and sculptures in Egypt? Take a close look at their features, you’ll be surprised.

Another thing about blacks is their social standing in life. For years they were pictured as slaves or the servants of the rich. So much so, that today, in 2023 some still have this stereotype embedded in their minds to the point it’s difficult for them to visualize a black person any other way - even though the black person may be a professional or other outstanding member of society.
I can only imagine that blacks may have a special place in heaven for all we’ve had to go through, just to live a normal life. As a people, we’ve had to be better than others to get an equal break and level the playing field, so to speak. So Affirmative Action was introduced to address this inequity and now some want to discontinue it. Some blacks can’t do it because it’s too demanding. Still others take the easy way out and allow others to dictate our lives, all the while fighting back, literally and figuratively. Now we have disproportionate representation in the penal system, political representation and unjust law enforcement activity. For many, every day is a struggle just to survive.

Romans 8:37: Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

But is all this something that we will allow to keep us down? In Christ, we don’t. In Him, it doesn’t make any difference what someone else thinks about us. Only what God says about us matters. In Christ, we can pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, so to speak. All we need to do is to say about ourselves what God’s word says about us. We are more than conquerors, greater is He who is within us, etc. It’s all in there, the bible. That tells us who we are and what we can do in Christ. Jesus is our example, not the world. Let’s apply ourselves, study hard, give God equal time to all of our worldly activities, set goals for ourselves and keep them. That’s one thing about Dad, he was a disciplined man, one who anyone could follow. What about you? Are you a victim or an overcomer? The choice is up to you, regardless of your skin color.

I John 4:4: You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

For your generous love gift this month, I will send you teachings where I address, from God’s perspective, the fallacies of racial inequality and the variations among the people of God that make us all unique in His sight, along with a teaching focused on the man of God’s place as he stands before and leads his family.

Angel and I love and appreciate you. There is no way we can take the word of God to the uttermost parts of the earth without your continual financial support. You are special and I thank you for helping Ever Increasing Faith to continue to make it happen!

In the Service of the King,
Pastor Fred Price, Jr.

PS: For almost 45 years, the help and support of generous friends like you has made it possible for this ministry to make a difference in countless millions of lives. We ask that you stand with us as we continue to fulfill Our Heavenly Father’s commission to Ever Increasing Faith.
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