You’re going to want to save this email, it is one of the most popular letters of the year. I get to see your responses to our mailings and I noticed over the years that you respond to this one in greater numbers than the others. I trust that’s a sign that you’re realizing the value of this ministry to the Body of Christ.

I strongly agree that we are a team, you and me. I do my part by studying and sharing God’s Word with you, you then respond to that word and provide enough funding for us to not only continue writing these spirit enhancing letters, but also to have the necessary funds to spend on television, the Internet and even Social Media, like Facebook and YouTube.

What we do appears to the recipient to be free, because there’s no charge or ask for money. I only wish that were true. Unfortunately, there’s very little in this world that’s free, including sharing the Gospel. TV airtime costs tens of thousands of dollars to get Ever Increasing Faith into your homes, all commercial free to you because we pay for it up front with the support you provide.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, our Website, the 24hour Network and the EIFM On Demand service all cost money to get our messages to you and others like you. We don’t have any gimmicks to offer you to get money, so we must rely on the free will offerings of you the viewers and listeners of Ever Increasing Faith Ministries. You provide the funding we need to minister to those who still haven’t heard the word of Faith or those who still don’t know that it is their right to be healed, their right to ask Jesus to come into their hearts so they can be saved, their right to ask God for what they need and believe they’ll receive it. Without us as a team, none of this is possible.
This year, the EIFM On Demand Subscription Service is going to take off. We continue to upload messages from some of the most spiritually rewarding teachings. We currently have over 450 hours of teaching, in color, on video, in our On-Demand service. Soon the entire Ever Increasing Faith library of messages from the very beginning to now, will be available to subscribers. Have you subscribed? If not, I strongly recommend that you do. Having a digital library like this, always available at your fingertips is amazing.

Our largest viewing audience of live programming is on YouTube. It’s fun and easy to watch as YouTube is available almost everywhere. We also air live on both the Crenshaw Christian Center and EIF Websites, the EIFM mobile App and on Facebook. Many of these have live chat available so you can discuss what’s being taught, live.

Your financial support makes it possible for us to continue this great work as we obey the command of Christ to go around the world to “make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19) When you send your gift in faith, you are sowing a good seed into good soil—and there will be a GREAT harvest!

Would you prayerfully consider sending a special gift to help us prepare for another great year of ministry in 2020? God has done great things through Ever Increasing Faith Ministries in 2019 and we are confidently expecting even greater things to come!

As we begin this banner year of 2020, on behalf of Apostle Price, Dr. Betty and my lovely wife First Lady Angel, I want to thank you in advance for whatever financial support you’re led to give to Ever Increasing Faith ministries because you are helping to make it happen. Our Heavenly Father knows each step of the path we will take through this coming year..and we can fully trust Him.

In the Service of the King
Pastor Fred K. Price, Jr.

PS: We now have Amazon Donate which you can do by saying to Amazon Alexa, "Donate." Also, our Text to Give is available by sending your love gifts to 28950, enter EIFMO and the amount, it’s just that easy. We’re constantly exploring new ways to make your giving easier. Look for the Cash App coming later this year.
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