Dear Friend, 

Each year I start off celebrating the beginning of a new year. I would like to say this year is no different, but it is. After the world was thrust into a global pandemic in December 2019, the intervening years have been anything but a time of celebration. I want to believe that we have turned the corner and this year, 2022, will finally be that year we have been looking for, a year of jubilee, health, healing, prosperity, prayer and one full of the move of the Holy Spirit.

We are overdue for our Mediterranean cruise to Rome, the Mediterranean, Greece, Ephesus and The Holy Land, Israel. This trip is going to be like no other. For the first time, I will not be teaching onboard ship. Instead, I will minister at our land-based points of interest, about the spiritual significance of certain places. If you have not signed up, please consider it. If you signed up and have since canceled, it is time to re-register. We are cruising on a newer ship from Royal Caribbean cruise lines. The price of the tour is $300 less than originally. You may even receive credit for the deposit you have already lost. It is going to be a trip to remember. In the meantime, we need to keep ourselves safe and believe the world will continue to experience a decline in Covid related incidents. For current information, contact Noseworthy Travel at (800) 929-4684 opt. 2.

Elsewhere in the ministry, I am believing for us to be able to return to the FaithDome for in-person services. Exact details are forthcoming, but it is also dependent on the diminishing of the pandemic. I do not know about you, but as nice as it is holding services online there is nothing like ministering to you face to face, up close and in-person.

We are going to revise our FaithPartner Program and take advantage of innovative technologies to give you a more personal experience. FaithPartners are those of you who have made a commitment to support EIFM on a regular and consistent basis to keep us on the air and online. One-time gifts are appreciated, but we need your prayerful and financial support on a consistent basis as our financial requirements are ongoing. We are going to update and expand the offerings we have on the EIFM ON DEMAND service, with new, updated graphics and an easier to navigate interface and of course much more content, including some that will only be available on EIFM On Demand.

We continue to work on the Apostle’s Library project honoring my dad, Apostle Frederick K. C. Price. This we do in honor of his legacy, which must be kept alive for all the good he did for mankind. Dad would have been celebrating his 90th birthday this year, what a man of God he was. Please keep him in your remembrance. His archived legacy teachings, on video, can be found in the website and apps from Apple, Google, Amazon and ROKU. We continue to upload more material weekly. Dad’s printed works of 50 books are available in the EIFM Cyberstore, on the website.

At 87 years old, Mom is still active in ministry. You may have seen her online, hosting her annual Women Who Care meeting on Zoom and other online, Social Media sites. Keeping busy is the best thing for her and all of us who benefit from her years of wisdom.
If you are not aware, we produce a monthly e-newsletter, with informative articles about our ministry, Ever Increasing Faith. It is free, you need only subscribe. You will then receive the e-newsletter, in your inbox once a month.

Since we have not been in the FaithDome for two years, our infrastructure is going to need some long overdue maintenance and upgrades. I am believing God that you will open your hearts and seek Him as to what you might give in support of this project. Your financial support today will help us refurbish the FaithDome and will continue to expand our efforts to reach more people. I urge you to sow your love gift in faith into fertile ground and claim the promises of Our Heavenly Father for your life. I believe 2022 is going to be the best year of our lives, in Jesus’ name.

In the Service of the King,
Pastor Fred Price, Jr.

PS: My wife and I are so thankful for your friendship and support. God has blessed us by touching your heart to stand with us in the work to which He has called us in this ministry. He never changes, His promises are true and His power is not diminished. You can have everything His word says you can have, and we want to help you realize and enjoy God’s promises. Please continue to stand with us in the coming year so that we can continue to minister to you.
A New Year Message by Pastor Fred Price, Jr.
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