Dear Friend,

Are you a child of God, or a son of God? There is a difference between the two.

When you receive Jesus as your personal savior and Lord, you are born again, and that new birth makes you a child of God. You become a babe in Christ who needs to feast on the sincere milk of God’s Word and receive instruction in the things of God. (Heb.5:12–14) However, Our Heavenly Father does not want you to remain a babe in Christ.

You need to allow the Word of God to mature you, being led by the Spirit of God. You are then adopted into sonship. The son of God resembles Our Heavenly Father in their character and lifestyle. (Eph. 1:3-6) When an offence arises, the son of God responds with God’s Word. However, a child of God reacts according to their flesh. They complain about their circumstances instead of speaking the Word of God to their circumstances.

Too many Believers still live a “formula” lifestyle, needing their spiritual food cut up for them. But more than ever, we must mature and live on the bread and meat of the Word in order to fulfill the great commission that has been committed to us – to make disciples of all the nations. (Matt. 28:16-20). Therefore, I encourage you to do a self-evaluation, and locate yourself. Are you still only a child of God today? If so, I encourage you to be filled with the Spirit of God, apply the Word of God to your life, and choose to grow to the full stature of Christ, becoming a true son of God.

It is because of you that this ministry continues to affect the lives of countless individuals like yourself. I want to thank you in advance for being as generous as possible in your financial support, and taking advantage of the offer below, so that the world will continue to benefit from the ministry of Ever Increasing Faith.

In the Service of the King,
Dr. Frederick K. Price

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