Dear Friend, 

In the beginning there was Crenshaw Christian Center, founded by my dad, our very own, Apostle Frederick K. C. Price. Then he was just Fred Price and he liked it that way. Titles could be misleading, and he said some who called themselves “Reverend” were anything but. He’s always been a rabble-rouser and that‘s part of the reason we loved him so.

The year was 1973 and Fred Price had just learned about the moving of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues from his mentor, Kenneth Hagin. His original church, West Washington Community Church, had outgrown its capacity and dad moved to Crenshaw Boulevard in Inglewood, California. There, the ministry began to grow even more and Fred Price became a household name in the Los Angeles area.

Although dad didn’t graduate from college, he was a shrewd and wise man. Once the new church started to reach its capacity, he also decided it was time to start an outreach ministry using radio and television. Radio was first and he launched a 15-minute broadcast called “Ever Increasing Faith”. Again he reached capacity and had to go to multiple services to handle the crowd.

He recognized that he could only do so much and decided to televise his messages, saying “I can teach the same one-hour message to the church congregation and put it on television and reach so many more people.” So began the Ever Increasing Faith television broadcast. The year was 1978, just 5 years after the founding of Crenshaw Christian Center.

Ever Increasing Faith television and radio programs became the outreach arm of the local Crenshaw Christian Center church. We then had a local congregation and a worldwide congregation. Well, this year, 2023, we are celebrating the 50th year of the host church, Crenshaw Christian Center and Ever Increasing Faith Ministries has reached its 45th year.

Without Crenshaw Christian Center, there would be no Ever Increasing Faith. So a series of celebratory events are happening in honor of CCC’s golden anniversary, including special guest speakers, tributes from many who’ve been blessed by this ministry, testimonies from those who’ve been impacted by this ministry and special as yet unannounced events.
How can you participate? Remember Apostle Price’s television opening statement? “I need your faithful financial support if Ever Increasing Faith is to remain on the air in your area. Please send your offerings and gifts of love to . . .” You know the rest. I would like you to get involved in our 50th-year celebration by providing the funding for the myriad of planned activities so that we can make this a truly memorable 50th-year celebration.

As we celebrate this anniversary, I would be remiss if I did not express my deep gratitude to you and all of our friends who have invested into the work of this ministry through their prayers and gifts over the years. Every person who has been reached with the Gospel, instructed in the Word, filled with the Spirit and built up in their faith has been reached because you helped make it possible for us to be there with the truth that they needed to hear.

Today I am asking you to send a special golden anniversary gift. Perhaps God will lay it on your heart to send $50 . . . or $500 . . . or some other amount. Whatever you send will be greatly appreciated and used to further the continuing work and mission of Ever Increasing Faith Ministries.

When you send your best gift this month, we will send you Apostle Price’s book, Faith Foolishness, or Presumption. This powerful resource will build and strengthen your faith as this book shines the light of revelation on several very important areas of practical life. In it, Apostle Price separates faith from foolishness, presumption, and fiction. It is our gift to sow into your life in expression of our gratitude for your generous support.

Even as I rejoice in what Our Heavenly Father has done, I am excited to see what He has in store for us next. The need for this ministry continues to be great, and with your help, we will keep doing all that we can to take the Gospel to a world that urgently needs to hear it. Thank you in advance for your continued help and support.

In the Service of the King,
Pastor Fred Price, Jr.

P.S. My wife and I appreciate so much your friendship, your prayers, and your support through the years. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us by calling you to stand beside us in His work. When you send your gift this month, please give as God directs and know that when you plant a gift in faith into Ever Increasing Faith Ministries, you are sowing seed into fertile ground that will produce a great harvest in your life.
Faith, Foolishness or Presumption book
by Apostle Frederick K.C. Price
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