How the Church engages culture - Part 2

One of the areas that the Lord has given me that I believe is a part of my specific assignment is Engaging Culture. The church must engage culture.Read More.


Take a look at Come out and Support 1DayLA Read More.


This month in CarePortal we were able to help a mother and son with much-needed supplies as they moved into their new apartment. Read More.

Supernatural? Paranormal?

This massive 780-foot crop circle appeared in 2001 in the remote area of Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England. Read More.

The Legacy of Apostle Price

How often do you hear those engaged to be married make comments such as, "I really love my fiancé, more than life itself. Read More.

Health and Wellness

Schizophrenia is a mental health condition that usually appears in late adolescence or early adulthood. Read More.

CCC Happenings

Thank you to those who continue to participate in our Blood Drives. In June we were close to potentially saving 81 lives. Read More

EIF Network

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Current Events

In case you missed it, the nation has a new holiday – Juneteenth. Read More.

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Beulah Johnson, 93, a non-member and mother of Personal Ministries auxiliary head, Marsha Herbert, and member Gail Jefferson, expired on May 26 on May 26, 2021.

Roy Lacy, 80, member and lead usher, expired on May 27, 2021. He was the husband of member Bobbie Lacy, who serves as a hostess.
Leroy Peevy, 77, a former member, expired on May 29, 2021. He was the brother of siblings Roberta Nicoli, Orelious Peevy, Willie Peevy, Elsie Burton, Brenda Hayes, Najiyyah Saafir and L.C. Burton.

William A. Thomas, 83, a former member, expired on May 31, 2021. He had served in Helps Ministry with the Family Network Publicity Committee.

Mary McKnight, 81, a member, expired on June 3, 2021. She was the mother of non-member Terry McKnight and had served as a Reception Committee hostess and in the Senior’s Fellowship.
Vivian T. Herring, 78, a non-member, expired on June 10, 2021. She was the mother of member Phillip Murray of CCC-East in New York.

Eugene Osborne, 68, a member, expired on June 14, 2021. He served in Helps Ministry with Worship Arts (Sanctuary Voices). He was the father of Billie Jean Osborne, Olivia Osborne, Arantxa Osborne and Martha Osborne.

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