This month CarePortal was able to help a young woman who needed three new tires for her car. Read More.

The Law of faith, Part 2

Therefore, if we as believers are in the position of hope, our goal should be to arrive at the position of faith.Read More.

Children’s vaccine underway

Many parents hoping for COVID-19 vaccines for their children younger than 12 may get their wish this fall, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. Read More.

The Promise Land may be closer than you think (Book Review)

Christians who believe they must ascend to heaven to receive all the great benefits they desire in this life may be sadly mistaken. . . Read More

God is not directing the physical world

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Price's book Living in Hostile Territory. Read More.

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Deborah Dixie, 67, member, expired on August 30. She was the sister of Preston Billberry and Pamela West, non-members.

Kenneth R. Smith, 89, non-member, expired on September 4. He was the husband of Virgie Smith and father of Avery Smith (Honorai), and members, Virgie Lorraine Smith, Twila Smith, Keith Smith (Lynn), Charles Smith (Yvonne), Duane Smith (Denise) and Joy Smith.

John Elijah Thompson, III, 74, non-member, expired on September 11. He was the brother of member Bianca (Wayne) Jackson and Travis Jackson.
Joan Kates, 88, member, expired on September 5. She was the wife of member Louis Kates, and mother of Lia Smith. She served in Helps Ministry with the Media Department.

Willie Wright, 88, member, expired on September 9. He was the husband of Mary Wright, a member, and father of sons Willie Jr., Marvin and Forrest. He served in Helps Ministry with both the Communion and the Bereavement committees.
Betty Cooper, 72, non-member, expired on September 11. She was the sister of Marilyn Perkins, member.

Loretta Madison, 68, member, expired on September 20. She was the wife of Wydell Madison, and mother of a son, Wydell Madison, Jr., a daughter, Tory Evans and a son Nathon Madison. She served as a Helps Ministry worker with the Hospitality Committee and the Nursery.

Gloria Mathew, 67, member, expired on September 25. She was the mother of Kiamiko Jones, Damon Pachal and Toni Jones.

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