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Resolution: Have confidence in God

If you gain anything as a believer this new year, my hope is that you gain more confidence in the Lord. Read More.

Diabetes: importance of exercise

Yes, exercising can improve anyone’s health, but it’s especially valuable for people with diabetes. Read More.

Guidelines for Maximized Healt (Book Review)

Dr. Leslie L. Bostick is first a Christian and second a medical doctor. Read More

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People in the Pews

How many people do you know who drive 72 miles one way church every Sunday and, of course, 72 miles back home? Read More.

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Dolores Goodwin, 92, longtime member, expired October 11. She was the mother of Pauline Miller and Diane Brown (Charlie), also longtime members. Memorial service was held on-site on December 4, 2018, in the Main Auditorium. Pastor Frederick K. Price Jr. officiated. Rosie L. Brown, 70, longtime member and former Helps Ministry worker, expired November 27. She was the wife of Ed Brown and mother of Jacqueline Johnson, both members. Memorial service was held on-site on December 12, 2018, in the Main Auditorium. Minister Sharon Simmons officiated. Aaron Marks Jr, 74, longtime member and former employee, expired December 2. He was husband of Barbara Marks and father of Alan. Memorial service was held off-site December 21, 2018, at Harrison- Ross Mortuary. Minister Jon Carr officiated.

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