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There are many great events going on this year, and to help you to stay informed and connected, here is a list: Read More.

Victory for those in Christ

I believe that every Christian should be a victorious, overcoming, healthy, wealthy and wise child of God. Read More.

Morning vs. night shower

Many people prefer to shower when they wake up as opposed to showering at night. Read More.

Guidelines for Maximized Health, Volume 2 (Book Review)

Last January, we reviewed the book titled Guidelines for Maximized Health: The Power of Faith and Medicine by Dr. Leslie L. Bostick.. Read More

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People in the Pews

“My grandmother was the closest thing to me,” said Elder Ron Cole. “When she passed that was the first time I felt completely alone.Read More.

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Hello, this is YaYa. I just wanted to let you know that I came up for healing for my back. You can't imagine the pain that I was feeling. I could barely walk or stand still. While I stood there patiently, you laid your hand on my forehead and I felt the pressure leaving. The doctors had told me that surgery was the only option. However, I chose to believe the report of the Lord. I had been in an accident in the year 2000. A police officer had rear-ended me and totaled my car. I was left with injuries. Then I took care of my husband in a wheelchair for ten years.

Estella Yolanda Chavis-Reynolds
Barbara B. Powell, 80, expired December 1. Memorial service was held on site on December 21, 2019. Interment was private. Pastor Robert L. Bolden officiated. Birdie Wilson, 84, expired December 2. Memorial service was held on site on December 19, 2019. Interment was private. Pastor Robert E. Bolden officiated George Anderson, 75, expired on December 7. Memorial service was held on site on December 18, 2019. Interment was private. Evangelist Ron Cole officiated.

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