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Lands of the Bible Cruise 2022

Would you like to continue the adventure of Cruising with us in 2022? If so, join Dr. Frederick and Mrs. Angel Price on Crenshaw Christian Center’s cruise from Rome to the Holy Land. The ministry is looking ahead to later this year when it will be safer to travel and take in such dramatic and historic sites as Rome, Athens, Corinth, the Greek Isles, Ephesus and the Holy Land. We will walk sites where our Savior and such apostles as Paul, Peter and other disciples walked!

For many, this will be an experience of a lifetime, but for others it will be their second or third time going. We believe all COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted and the pandemic will have diminished to the extent that we can cruise safely by October 2022. Pastor Price also suggests that our new normal may still require such precautions as masks and social distancing.

Click Here to Get a glimpse and more information about the 2022 Cruise and start planning!.

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